Time tracker (live)

Added by X Poison almost 9 years ago

Hello, does anyone know if a plugin like Time Tracker by Jérémie Delaitre http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_time_tracker exist for redmine 2.0 ?

I want to find a solution to record time spent on an issue without having to use external tools/chronometer, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Time tracker (live) - Added by emma dcosta over 8 years ago

Hey, i am not sure about time tracker you mentioned since we had been using Replicon's project time tracking software application.

RE: Time tracker (live) - Added by ray rodriguez over 8 years ago

I am a software tester and I have tested out several time tracking software for any business types, if you want to find a solution to record time spent I recommend you try Time Doctor. I have proven its worth when I tried it and that’s what I endorsd too to my friends if they ask me about time monitoring apps. By the way, I haven’t heard about Redmine maybe that’s also a useful tool – I’ll take a look on it.