Wiki: Methodologies applied with Redmine

Added by julien aubert over 13 years ago

I would love to see an organized wiki for sharing experiences/knowledge concerning methodologies/workflows with redmine.
Particulary how the redmine-community utilizes redmine to apply specific methodologies/workflows (standard ones or their own).

  • Describing how structure multiple/intertwined projects in redmine, and how any issues are handled
  • Describing how particular methodlogies were used with redmine, we use SCRUM and use redmine like this... etc.
  • Experience with leveraging the tickets for project-measurements. (time,costs,etc).
  • Anything that comes with experience and does not fit in the user-guide/admin-guide.

I have seen several posts in the forum, but the forum is more for discussion than knowledge/experience sharing. Anyone else that like this idea?

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