Custom Field --- LINK doesn't work.

Added by Lu Su over 8 years ago

Hi Expert,

I am using 2.5.0, but I see the Custom Field of "LINK" doesn't work in issue/ticket list.

but it really works in ticket page. I attached two snapshot.

in the issue page, I see there is a URL link after I move the mouse on. and it works when I clicked.

but in the issue list page, I just see text of the custom field. no URL link, no response for mouse moving on and click.
(But in issue list, the "subject" and "assignee" field is clickable to a web page)


in_ticket.jpg (5.82 KB)

issue_list.jpg (6.11 KB)

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RE: Custom Field --- LINK doesn't work. - Added by wakanda tchalla over 8 years ago


same issue after upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5

plus the plugin is no longer working on 2.5