Upgrade installation on Ubuntu 12.04

Added by Matteo Bagattini over 8 years ago

Dear folks,
I'm using a virtual server configured by a colleague who's not working with me anymore. Server has Ubuntu 12.04 and Redmine was, as far as I can understand, installed via apt-get.

It seems to me that apt repository has Redmine 2.3.1 as its latest available version; is it possible to install latest version without upgrading whole Ubuntu installation?

Ideally I'd like to check out from repository and keep getting updates via SVN, but as far as I can see installation via apt is a little bit different: files are not located in an unique position but scattered around /etc, /usr and /var.

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Upgrade installation on Ubuntu 12.04 - Added by Jan Niggemann (redmine.org team member) over 8 years ago

You could either install from source or try to find a PPA that has the latest version for your release.

RE: Upgrade installation on Ubuntu 12.04 - Added by Adrian Wilkins about 8 years ago

The main PPA maintainer for Ubuntu is now targetting the latest LTS release of Ubuntu only.


I was thinking of experimenting with an rbenv based install recipe for Ubuntu, given the horrible tension between the Debian and Ruby "Ways" with regard to packaging and version management...