Burndown Chart

Added by Jordi Alcántara about 14 years ago

In addition of the standard Redmine reports, it would be interesting an Burndown Chart to see the deviation with the ideal progress.


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RE: Burndown Chart - Added by Dong Wang about 14 years ago

yes, we should make redmine more scrumable.

RE: Burndown Chart - Added by Will Silva almost 14 years ago

In fact, there's a plugin that does that.

  • redmine_backlogs
  • redmine_burndown
  • redmine_issue_grouping
  • redmine_story_decomposition
  • redmine_task_board

Unfortunately, people are not working on it anymore. They were going incredibly great. :(

The task_board plugin is awesome but I guess it's only viewable by Redmine administrators.
And the burndown plugin needs an edit in a file to work properly. The last posts on this thread talk about this:

RE: Burndown Chart - Added by Xagyg Wulf over 12 years ago

The following project here that looks promising: