2.4.x -> 3.x.x upgradeability

Added by Amadeus - over 6 years ago

I'm currently using Redmine 2.4.6 and although it seems as though I just upgraded to that version recently, you're already well into version 3! So, after reading this line from https://www.redmine.org/news/95:

If you're running 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 and is not able to update...

I found myself wondering if 3.x.x is intended to be difficult/impossible to upgrade from 2.x.x. Or, should it be a reasonable upgrade for most standard installations?

Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for advice on whether upgrading to the latest version is a good idea, or if I should just stick with 2.x.x. Thanks!

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RE: 2.4.x -> 3.x.x upgradeability - Added by Marco Gutsche over 6 years ago

I think you misinterpreted the news.

The hint with the update takes only effect for the security XSS vulnerability fix in redmine 3.x. If you cannot update to redmine 3.x you should apply the attached patch to fix this security issue.

There shouldn't be any problems upgrading to redmine 3.x (we done it some weeks ago without any problems ourselves).

RE: 2.4.x -> 3.x.x upgradeability - Added by Amadeus - over 6 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to write! I'll give it a shot here in a few days and see how it goes.