Redmine - Project management and Application Management ?

Added by Arun K almost 5 years ago

I am trying to explore - Redmine as I see it's a web-based project management and issue tracking tool.

I would like to if we could use Redmine as Application Life-cycle Management, if not do you guys suggest any ALM tools ?

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RE: Redmine - Project management and Application Management ? - Added by Greg Lewsza over 4 years ago


when considering different ALM platforms and suites, you should look for systems that can provide the following key ALM features:

  • Develop requirements and user-stories, then decompose into detailed tasks for resource tracking;
  • Prioritize and schedule requirements for each release/iteration;
  • Assign requirements, tasks, and incidents using Agile planning board;
  • Track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues linked to changes in your source code repository;
  • Create, edit and execute test-cases;
  • Record bugs linked to test steps for full test traceability;
  • Manage manual and automated testing;
  • Personalized dashboards and customizable reporting;
  • Ability to attach documents, screenshots, and URLs to all artifacts;
  • Full audit history of all changes made in the system;

Almost all of that you can do with RedmineUP Cloud

It is ready to use hosted Redmine, with additional plugins such as Agile, plus support and maintenance. It has a free trial if you're interested

RE: Redmine - Project management and Application Management ? - Added by Bharat Shah over 4 years ago

We have evaluated key features of ReadmineUp Cloud using trial version and agree with Greg's note as have learned that tool has potential to use even more than you commonly need in ALM to meet your organizational needs.
Traceability between various requirements (Tracker Type) and options of various Relationship Types to establish traceability between different type of records is very powerful feature of redmine to explore to manage requirements and related artifacts including establishing and managing of up-stream and down-stream traceability with requirements for any enterprise-wide initiative, product management, application management, programs, projects or teams depending on organizational needs.

Key is ability to manage many of the related things using one tool instead using multiple different tools.