Urgent: Will Redmine ever get a properly made UI?

Added by Anonymous about 5 years ago

I offer to start a major discussion on the UI here, even if you re not an UI expert, feel free to at least stop by to say "hi", because UI needs a major upgrade.
I probably still have like 50 to 60 years of life at my disposal, but I'm sure many would like to see the UI change for the better just like me before death of old age...
I'm also primarily talking about markup and the views, also taking CSS in consideration in order to have the most convenient possible markup, designed for all the theme designers out there, and also eliminating as much need of crazy little JS hacks as possible (for instance, for such a simple things as achieving a sticky design).

Let's put it this way: it's a lot scarier under the hood than what the regular end user sees out of the box, though what the end user sees, is a typical 2007 page too...

Leaving a note
Prerequisites to get any kind of UI upgrade process started or at very least properly discussed... I presume:
  • It's important to figure out how many agree that current Markup setup of the views or simply just the page design is hopeless:
If you not think it's hopeless:
  • What do you think must be changed then?
If you do think it's hopeless:
  • By all means share your ideas, concepts, anything.


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RE: Urgent: Will Redmine ever get a properly made UI? - Added by Greg Lewsza over 4 years ago


I agree with your point – even though the Redmine offers a wide of useful features it looks like designed 15 years ago. And judging by the fact that this post received zero replied in 9 months, I think the UI falls into this rare category of problems. I mean the issues that everyone notices, but they're not so much painful to address immediately, especially when the development of new features has higher priority.

But it should be taken into discussion. Perhaps it would be easier to connect Redmine with a CMS or a website building add-on – such as seen in WordPress community.

For now, the way to make Redmine great again is to get some theme. In recent year I saw a fresh, clean, minimalistic design released under commercial theme Zenmine.

As a non-commercial solution, I suggest choosing one of the free themes, that are responsive and used by a noticeable part of community. The most popular such as Flatly, or Circle Redmine theme looks good both on Windows and Mac with retina displays.

If you are using Redmine for work, I suggest choosing a Redmine hosting that comes with a more modern design, such as RedmineUP Cloud, or By doing so, you get a system that's possible to access on mobile and doesn't hurt to work on.