Issue assignment and workflow

Added by Barbara Post almost 12 years ago


I'm wondering about such a case :
- my manager role can assign an issue to a developer. When doing so, he can forget to change the status from "new" to "assigned"
- my developer role cannot change the status from "new". So my developer has to ask the manager to change status.

Two solutions :
- either disallow "new" status when "assigned to" change to some non-blank value. Would it make sense ?
- or I have to change my workflow and allow developer to change from "new" to "assigned" or "in progress"...

In fact, since "assigned" is an "ordinary" state (no special flag associated to this state), they're nothing I could do in place. My first proposal may be the most generic one.

I haven't searched for a plugin that would deal with such tweaks, does anyone use something ?

Thanks for your feedback.

Barbara (redmine 0.8.4)