Gantt PDF and special characters

Added by Barbara Post almost 12 years ago


I'm using redmine 0.8.4 and my language is French. I wonder what is wrong with PDF export.

In issue title, I have one of the following characters :
é, â, €.

Only the first one displays well when I export the Gantt chart to PDF.
The two other ones display as "".

In file lib/redmine/export/pdf.rb I read the following at line 84 :

  1. these quotation marks are not correctly rendered in the pdf
    txt = txt.gsub(/[“�]/, '"') if txt

I have read the following post/issue (that made me find the above lines, although I don't know ruby at all):

Is there a solution ? Why not replace "â" by "a", "€" by "eur.", "œ" by "oe" ? This would be a workaround.

Thanks for your feedback,