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Added by Renato Silva over 13 years ago

Hi all,

I just wrote a init script to Redmine (using WEBrick, which I couldn't find) so I'd like to share it to the Redmine community. In my case I prefer to boot Redmine in daemon mode, so that's what set in this script. You can change to reflect your needs :). If anyone finds any sort of errors please let me know.

To my knowledge, on Debian and/or Ubuntu you can use the update-rc.d command to allow Redmine to boot or shutdown with your machine , like this:

$ cp redmine /etc/init.d
$ sudo update-rc.d redmine defaults

Thanks, have a great day.

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RE: Redmine init script - Added by Jose Mari M almost 13 years ago

This is redhat-like standard version. I replaced the RUBYPID var with a /var/run/ with pgrep

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RE: Redmine init script - Added by Robin Kluth about 11 years ago

Thanks for your scripts, just updating the init.d-script with LSB-Header.

To install:

$ cp redmine /etc/init.d
$ sudo update-rc.d redmine defaults

UPDATED 04.02.2012
  • init.d is now working correctly (tried to start before mysql is running -> abort starting)

To update just overwrite the existing one and:

$ sudo update-rc.d redmine remove
$ sudo update-rc.d redmine defaults

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redmine (1.25 KB) redmine init.d script for debian (04.02.2012)

RE: Redmine init script - Added by txemi M almost 8 years ago

I adapted this init script to boot Ubuntu 14.04.2 packaged redmine.

Till now I have used this dirty way:

$ sudo crontab -l
@reboot cd /usr/share/redmine/ && sudo -u www-data X_DEBIAN_SITEID="default" ruby script/rails server -e production

But now I adapted your init script for that (It seems be working)
I will try to suggetst package maintainer to distribute something similar in package.

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