Redmine & IIS 7.5

Added by Peter Halasovski over 11 years ago


I'm having a newbie nightmare with getting Redmine up & running under Win2008R2/IIS7.5; IIS7.5 does not server Redmine.

  • I have installed Redmine & it works OK using the REDBRICK test server.
  • I have followed instructions for directing IIS to route FastCGI to Ruby but these just return 403 errors.
  • I have tried testing Ruby by putting up one of the ruby test pages and that gives me back a sensible web page.
  • I have seen odd error messages when testing Ruby but nothing conclusive - all seems to more or less work. which makes me suspicious of Ruby.

Has anyone out there gotten Redmine to work in this Windows/IIS environment?
Have any other Ruby virgins gotten Redmine to work as a production system?

All feedback gratefully received...



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RE: Redmine & IIS 7.5 - Added by Felix Schäfer over 11 years ago

The only thing I know is cgi on ruby on rails is pretty much dead, and I'd suppose fastcgi too. If IIS can do reverse proxying, I'd suggest trying the bitnami package (the whole stack from ruby up to a web server including mysql IIRC) and to reverse proxy from IIS, maybe the bitnami pages/forums even have some instructions regarding installation alongside IIS.

RE: Redmine & IIS 7.5 - Added by Peter Halasovski over 11 years ago

Hi Felix,

As an IT professional may just say; Thank you, that was exactly what I needed and so far it seems to have solved my problem in a quick and easy manner.

As an IT UNprofessional I need to add "£$"£%£$ ! $£%$£%$£$%$%%%!!!!!!!!!! I've been working on this blasted thing for THREE DAYS!!! Your solution got me working in under three MINUTES! It's wonderful but it's also completely galling. I would say I'm going to go home & have a stiff drink but I've given up booze for Lent; I'll have to exercise or something instead.

Hey ho – hopefully this post will save someone else the same pain.

Thanks again :)