Migration from mantis

Added by Demid Lupin about 11 years ago

I try to migrate from mantis to redmine, and use migrate_from_mantis.rake
All is ok except one thing
In all issues field "updated" is changed to timestamp of migration

When we create new issue from mantis bug we populate files with correct value

migrate_from_mantis.rake on near line 315

            i = Issue.new :project_id => projects_map[bug.project_id], 
                      :subject => encode(bug.summary),
                      :description => encode(bug.bug_text.full_description),
                      :priority => PRIORITY_MAPPING[bug.priority] || DEFAULT_PRIORITY,
                      :created_on => bug.date_submitted,
                      :updated_on => bug.last_updated

but some where in the next lines we update issue, so field is automatically changed to current time

So my question is
How i could disable this automatic handler for migration. Temporally change some code somewhere?


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RE: Migration from mantis - Added by Charles Sporkman over 10 years ago

I'm running into the same issue. I keep going over the migration script and the schema on both databases and I just can't figure out why the "updated on" data does not get inserted. Like the OP, all my updated dates are the date/time when the migration script was run. Also like him, I went through the migration script and landed in the same place.

Things I've looked at so far:

-In my mantis db, I see the column is of type "datetime", the table/column name matches (bug.last_updated) and the data appears normal.
-In the redmine db, I also verified that the table, column and type match what the import script has for names.
-The mantis "date_submitted" column is being properly imported.
-The script is reporting no errors and my first look through the imported data seems to indicate everything else imported correctly.
-I don't see any other part of the migrate task that might overwrite the "updated_on" value.

Is there any other info I can provide to help troubleshoot this? Losing the updated date is a tough one for us.


RE: Migration from mantis - Added by adrian perez about 1 year ago

Hello community, has the problem been solved? Please share the solution. Thank you very much.