Deletion of issue not shown under Activity

Added by Wicola Lation over 10 years ago

When someone deletes an issue, it does not show up under "Activity" (though under log/production.log, I do see an entry "Processing IssuesController#destroy for XXXX [POST]").

Is this normal behaviour? Or is something breaking in my redmine implementation?

The output from running "RAILS_ENV=production script/about" is

About your application's environment
Ruby version              1.8.7 (x86_64-linux)
RubyGems version          1.3.7
Rack version              1.0
Rails version             2.3.5
Active Record version     2.3.5
Active Resource version   2.3.5
Action Mailer version     2.3.5
Active Support version    2.3.5
Edge Rails revision       unknown
Application root          /home/eng/redmine
Environment               production
Database adapter          mysql
Database schema version   20101114115359

About your Redmine plugins
Redmine Stealth plugin               0.1.0
Redmine System Notification plugin   0.2.0
Redmine Mail Configurator plugin     0.1.0
Redmine Newissuealerts plugin        0.0.2
Stuff To Do Plugin                   0.4.0
Redmine Question plugin              0.3.0
Redmine Todo Lists plugin