Tree or hierarchy display of sub-issues on issues page

Added by Brian Schwartz about 10 years ago

Hello Redmine community,

I am grateful to the open source community for creating Redmine - it has become an indispensable tool for my business and my team.

One thing we've struggled to figure out without success has to do with the display or sub-issues on the issues page. Getting them to display in a hierarchy or 'tree' view has been inconsistent. I'm unable to figure out how redmine is deciding which subissues to display nested on the issues, even when I have multiple subissues assigned to a single issue, the display on the issues page doesn't reflect them. I've uploaded a screen capture to show you what is going on.

You can see the screen capture at:

Any tips or guidance on what might be going on is truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Tree or hierarchy display of sub-issues on issues page - Added by Mischa The Evil about 10 years ago

To get the correct tree in the issuelist you will need to add the 'parent task'-column and sort on that one. This is documented at several places on btw.
The side-behavior you're experiencing is caused by the lucky shots in the sense that these sub-issues are placed under their actual parent based on the actual sorting that is active on the issuelist. I agree this is far from optimal.
Several issues are already opened regarding this issue and some other related improvements of the subtasking feature.