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14:04 Redmine Patch #24623: Implements CRUD permissions and restrictions to issue attachments
Frederico Camara wrote:
> Implementing as a plugin is much harder, and different. It would have to account that the ...
13:48 Redmine Defect #35634 (Confirmed): Attachments deletable even though issue edit not permitted
Issue and given fix confirmed. Adding the given method to @Issue@ fixes this by properly taking tracker permissions i...


21:00 Redmine Feature #35616: Remove "Delete" from the context menu for related issues
I agree that this can be confusing for (novice) users and I think it applies to _all_ places where such context menu ...
20:46 Redmine Patch #35613: German translation update of wiki_syntax_markdown.html
C S wrote:
> I also translated both files (textile and markdown), relating to #35375
Nice! Thanks for your work....
20:38 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_Issues (#70)
Explain include=allowed_statuses parameter in more detail.
12:51 Redmine Defect #35441: Inline image in Textile is not displayed if the image URL contains ampersands
I did some research on the background of this change in Ruby to see what changed exactly and why, and if it was an in...
10:28 Redmine Patch #35375: German translation of wiki syntax help file
C S wrote:
> Is the syntax help file longer needed? I found no link from frontside to this files...
FWIW and just...
07:15 Redmine Defect #33415: Issue#closable? doesn't handle the case of issues with open subtask(s) ánd being b...
I think this is something small that should be included in 5.0.0 at least.
06:43 Redmine Feature #34981: Allow to change a project identifier
I think that changing this behavior is rather a bad idea.
Go MAEDA wrote:
> [...]
> The problem with changin...
06:02 Redmine Feature #35559: Query links for related issues on issue page
Just my two cents: I think it makes sense to add this too given that #28471 got integrated.

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