Is there a way to dispatch incoming IMAP email using To: field

Added by Leonid Titov over 8 years ago

Hello dear Redmine fans!

Tell me please, is there a way to dispatch incoming email using To: field of a message?

I use redmine together with Google-for-domain mail service. I have a dedicated email address, ; and my users can mail to this address their issues. I use IMAP to fetch this mail from Google to Redmine.

I want to setup several groups in my Google Apps account; and include my redmine email account to them. For example, I want to setup group for developers tasks; for support tasks etc.

I don't want to use dedicated accounts for these special addresses; I'd like to use groups and include my existing redmine account to them.

After that I want to setup redmine so that it will fetch a message from its account , look into the "To:" field in the message and create an issue in the corresponding project.

Is it possible and how can I get this?