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Added by ChunChang Lo over 13 years ago


I just downloaded r2496 from subversion and noted that some existing translations don't get displayed (my language is zh-TW). Is this normal or should I config something after downloading r2496?

The translations don't get displayed: Label project plural, Label issue plural, Label issue new, Label news plural, Label document plural, Label attachment plural, etc. Please see attached image.

my project home page

By the way, there are some translations I added didn't exist in r2496. Will they get merged in the feature or I have to re-add them?

Thanks in advance.


display-problem-r2496.png - my project home page (101 KB)

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RE: Display for revision 2496 - Added by Mohan Varma over 13 years ago

I just updated my redmine repository to r2517. I had the same issue. My language is en, but get the similar labels, "Label issue plural" etc.

RE: Display for revision 2496 - Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 13 years ago

This should have been fixed in r2497.