Help understanding the Gantt chart

Added by Alan Bowsher almost 9 years ago

According to this feature:

The Gantt chart supports dependencies and such without having to go through and update each task's start/end date. The documentation is, well, just not in place - it just says you can do it using a version with an end date in the User Guide. Is there more doc anywhere else that I just haven't noticed?

I tried creating several tasks in the demo project, related tasks, etc. I added estimates, some short, some long. I created a version and put a due date on that version, attaching the tasks to it. But the chart just shows one long line for each task ending on the version end date -- it doesn't take into account the estimates, task relationships, etc.

The images in the doc look like what I could use, but I must be missing something simple, could someone point me in the right direction?


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RE: Help understanding the Gantt chart - Added by Mischa The Evil almost 9 years ago

I'll create some example charts using several projects, versions and (parent) issues and make some screenshots of them which I'll post here with some further explanations.