Add multiple links to Custom fields

Added by Jenny Jing about 7 years ago

Hi, All:

I know that we can add a link to all of the "Possible values" in the Custom Fields using the "Link values to URL". But is there a way to add different links to different values in the "Possible values"? For example, Value1 (http://xxx1), Value2 (http://xxx2), etc.

What I'm trying to do is this:

There are items in a vendor database, every time someone reported a problem for an item, our staff need to copy the item name, paste it in another web site and do a search.

I'm trying to get the URLs of each item in the vendors' web site and assign the links to the items in the List. That way our staff can just click a link and will be taken to the vendor's record if they already log in to that web site.

I believe this feature could be helpful for any Inventory List or connect to another database.



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RE: Add multiple links to Custom fields - Added by Ariel Fellay over 5 years ago

Did you solve it?
I have the same problem.