Email notification error

Added by Sam McCoy over 13 years ago

I am setting up the email notifications and have setup these fields in the email.yml.

delivery_method: :smtp
port: 25
domain: hwr.local
authentication: :login
user_name: redmine
password: redmine

I am running the svn version 2669. I try to send the test email and get this error:
An error occurred while sending mail (535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful. )

I am using MS Exchange.
Thanks for the help.

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RE: Email notification error - Added by Vinod Singh almost 13 years ago

535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful.
Means authentication failed with exchange server. The 'user_name' could be different from 'user_name@domain'. If exchange is using Active Directory for validation then user_name should be the value of sAMAccountName attribute in Active Directory.