How to customize redmine homepage

Added by rony f almost 4 years ago

I have deployed bitnami redmine windows verison and all system are up ,now we need more personalized settings, can you help on below reqeust:

remove "help" tag from redmine .

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We need to add company logo on home page, how to add it on below red box area.

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We also need to add more information on home page , how can we add below table and text

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on below redmine home red box area.
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Many thanks on this, looking forward to the reply.

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RE: How to customize redmine homepage - Added by Bernhard Rohloff almost 4 years ago

1 - Remove help link

It is possible to remove the help entry by writing a plugin to remove it from the specific list at startup.
How to write a plugin is described in this wiki article: Plugin_Tutorial
Putting the following line inside the register block in init.rb should do the trick.

delete_menu_item :topmenu, :help

2 - Insert a company logo in the header section

I'm not sure what your requirements for this are.
Should it be a dynamic image wich changes for each project or is it just a static logo representing your company?
The latter should be an easy change inside the stylesheets.
There is also an article available for that topic: HowTo_create_a_custom_Redmine_theme

3 - Put a table image on the home page.

Under Administration > Settings you can edit the text which is shown on the welcome page.
It follows the same formatting rules like a wiki page so you can easily create a table with textile or markdown depending on your settings.
You can also insert the table as an image. The catch is that in Redmine there is no way to upload files outside of a project.

What you can do instead is hosting the image somewhere else so that it's publicly avaliable and insert the image with the hyperlink into your welcome text.

For Textile: !https://your.domain/holiday_table.png!
For Markdown: ![](https://your.domain/holiday_table.png)

It seems there is also a plugin for that purpose but you have to make sure that it works with your installed version of Redmine:

Kind regards,


RE: How to customize redmine homepage - Added by Roberto Tavares about 2 years ago

As Bernhard said you can customize the initial page in 'Administration' > 'Settings'.

To make it easier, I recommend the plugin which is a more rich WYSIWYG text editor than the default Textile. As just said, you have to check if the plugin is compatible with the version of Redmine you are using.

Hope this information can be useful.

Roberto Tavares