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06:18 Redmine Feature #29193 (Closed): Finish Restoring Guide
Description was added by Gerd Pokorra in July 2018.
06:11 Redmine Feature #33017 (New): Complete documentation of news REST API
The documentation of the news API shows only the GET part. The API has been completed in #13468 and the other parts s...
05:48 Redmine Help: RE: Adding News vía Rest Api
I haven't tried the news API, yet. But one can find good examples in the tests for that part. There you have prototyp...
05:26 Redmine Patch #32888: Use stylelint to avoid errors and enforce conventions in CSS files
It's a good idea. And I'm completely with you Marius that we need some coding standards on the stylesheets.


17:25 Redmine Defect #29694: Some buttons in wiki toolbar are hidden in responsive layout
Github also has an interesting solution for this issue. They simply put their toolbar under the tab if there's not en...


08:46 Redmine Feature #32998: Change the default value for "Default Gravatar image" to "Identicons"
+1 It's a way better default option and also well known from other platforms.


13:38 Redmine Patch #32991 (New): Make group names bold on tracker summary view
The tracker summary view is identical to the permissions summary view.
To keep them consistent the group names on th...
13:12 Redmine Help: RE: Connect 2 different Redmine ticketing systems, any tool?
Hey Kim,
IMHO it's quite an unusual use case you have on your site. To me, it is not very clear what you would like ...
06:30 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine Plugin that will allow ticketing without redmine account
Hi Ken,
If everybody is allowed to see the same project you could make your IT helpdesk public and grant the anony...
06:02 Redmine Defect #32981 (Confirmed): Unable to distinguish disabled input fields
We styled the input fields background in #31147 to get a consistent look of Redmine and fix problems with dark themed...

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