Google sheets filtered results to redmine issue?

Added by Tomasz Mirecki almost 2 years ago

Hello friends!

I am a building manager and I use Redmine as a place to keep all the building casec ani owners files. I use issues as files where I keep alt the info about the client.

But I keep track off all the payments and invoices in the google spreadsheets. I like how versitile those spreadseets are so I dont want to change that. But what I want to do is:

I want to make a filter in my google file and show this filter to given issue. Best would be to filter spreadseet and show anly those rows that contain information that given redmine issue should see. I know I can use iFrame, but when i use it, all the users can see the source link, and therefore they can check the entire spreadsheet.

That is why I need to create some kind of script that will show filtered results from google spreadsheet in given issue.

Do You think this will be possible?

If so, how should I do that? Generally speaking.

I will be gratefull for any answer. Thanks!