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11:36 Redmine Help: Google sheets filtered results to redmine issue?
Hello friends!
I am a building manager and I use Redmine as a place to keep all the building casec ani owners file...


18:24 Redmine Help: Help with redmine upgrade
Hello, I am stuggeling to get to know Redmine. I have already started learnig ruby "the hard way".
And I am looki...


14:37 Redmine Job offers: Looking for paid help
Dear all,
I am using Redmin and loving it. I have 4 requests:
# help with installing the plugin (https://evol...


16:17 Redmine Help: RE: Prefill issue via URL and validate
Wow, this is a great oppartunity for me to create something together. If Your offer still stands, I will be most happ...


12:02 Redmine Help: RE: Prefill issue via URL and validate
I just dont understand it :( sorry and thank You for the replay. What I have is xls with data that I would like to up...


14:48 Redmine Help: Prefill issue via URL and validate
Hello, I was managed to prefill issue via URL, but I am wondering if it is possible to automaticly hit create (or sen...

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