Activities time tracking enumerations are duplicated and counted separately in reports

Added by Jenda Benda about 1 year ago

Hi All,

thanks for all your work, kindly asking for your help-).

We have 4 enumerations defined for activity tracking.
We use them across about 50 projects... Time tracking is OK, the activities are shown and can be used everywhere.

The issue is, that for some reason the activities are visible as named the same way, but for some projects it looks like they are unique, having probably unique IDs or somehow messed as treated like different activities.

The outcome of this is following: when you filter, search and report across the project, the same activities are not counted as one together, but kept separated "even the name is the same".

I'm not sure if the description is clear, so attaching the picture for the report across the projects for one user and activity called "normal". The activity is configured only once at redmine admin enumeration page.

Could you please help me to find out if that's our issue or general bug? I mean do you know how to fix this please?
Is the DB messed up? Or is it related to some old versions, obsolete configuration? To some custom fields we use? Any idea how to fix and make this consistent across the projects please?

thank you so much
Kind regards