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Added by Kenneth . almost 4 years ago


We're just starting out testing Redmine, and so far it looks great.

We'd like to have some way of planning the tasks to work on. At this point it's not important if we're planning based on time (say, the issues to be completed the next couple of weeks), or based on release (these issues will part of this and that release of our software).

Which free, preferably actively maintained plugins would you recommend me looking into?


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RE: Suggestions for agile/roadmap plugin - Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) almost 4 years ago

Hi, Kenneth

Take a look at our Redmine Agile plugin. It's a commercial plugin, yet it also has a Light, free version. It has a few functions that would be useful in your case.

First is a Sprint planner (version planner). It allows to plan next releases or sprints, and move issues them between Backlog and selected Sprint/version with drag&drop.
Take a look at the demo of the plugin

Next, you can use Story Points to estimate the difficulty of the task. You can estimate each issue individually, or use a series of predefined values, and they select one of them when you create a new assignment. A great would be to use a Fibonacci sequence as a values.

Last, you can create a custom Agile board with issues assigned for a next release, or a selected phase, such as Development, QA & Testing and so on. On our blog we have described how we manage development projects in Redmine

Useful are also agile charts, such as Burn-down that shows you if you will deliver the version on time.

Best Regards

RE: Suggestions for agile/roadmap plugin - Added by Kenneth . almost 4 years ago

Thanks, this looks like a great plugin. Will definitely keep this in mind if we decide to go forward with Redmine.