"Test::Unit or MiniTest must be loaded *before* Mocha

Added by Stefan Frank almost 10 years ago

After a bundle update I've been getting this message while testing one of our plugins:

"Test::Unit or MiniTest must be loaded *before* Mocha (use MOCHA_OPTIONS=skip_integration if you know what you are doing)." 

Reason is this mocha-commit: https://github.com/freerange/mocha/commit/c8eba68973c1e489b99c9f7bca2d5888eca0ac14

together with the fact that mocha is required in the redmine-Gemfile and gets loaded before the test-frameworks: I solved this issue by adding a gem "mocha", :require => false - but I currently don't use any mocks in my tests, so I'm not really sure if this solves the underlying cause or only gets rid of the message/error.

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RE: "Test::Unit or MiniTest must be loaded *before* Mocha - Added by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 10 years ago

I've just done a bundle update that upgraded mocha to 0.12.1 and I don't get this when running the test suite.
Adding :require => false does not cause any problem either.