Need help on rest API call

Added by Ismail Noman about 5 years ago


for one of my specific redmine account (company), '/issues.json' API call returns NULL. It doesn't return the json like this {"issues":[],"total_count":0,"offset":0,"limit":25}.
Though for my other redmine account (company) this works perfectly. For that redmine account '/projects.json' API get redirected to 'favorite_projects/search.json'
Anyone having this similar problem or can give me an idea how can I debug this problem. I think favorite_projects plugin creates the problem to fetch projectes, but not sure why issues.json returns null.

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RE: Need help on rest API call - Added by Greg Lewsza almost 5 years ago

Hi Ismail,

I just discovered your message.

The source was indeed a bug in old Redmine Favourite plugin version. We've already prepared a fix for this issue, so please get in touch with our support via email: support @redmineup. com

With Kind Regards
Greg from RedmineUP Team