Remine Freelancer\Contractor

Added by Jon Altringer over 2 years ago

To Install, architect, update system, install plugins and write custom plugin code.

Must have excellent ruby on rails experience and previous experience working with redmine, doing upgrades, writing code, installing plugins etc.

Must be proficient in GIT. Looking to hire\collaborate from Australia.

Prior experience with AWS S3 also essential.



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RE: Remine Freelancer\Contractor - Added by Ravikumar DS over 2 years ago

Hello jonalt,

I'm interested to work with you. I have 2+ years of experience in Redmine and plugin development too.

Im looking forward to hearing from you.


RE: Remine Freelancer\Contractor - Added by Karthick Madhiazhagan over 2 years ago

Hi Jonalt,
I have 5 years of Ruby on Rails experience with Redmine Plugin development.
I am interested in this offer. Contact me on the below email

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.