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auto_complete too restrictive?

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I have had this issue after upgrading to redmine-1.3.0: when adding a relation to an issue, normally the title of the related issue would show up in a tooltip when entering the issue number. But in the new version, the loading box would pop-up but no tooltip show up. The log files showed me this:

Processing IssuesController#auto_complete (for at 2012-01-17 10:29:23) [POST]
  Parameters: {"scope"=>"all", "project_id"=>"roll-out-18", "action"=>"auto_complete", "amp"=>nil, "id"=>"3008", "q"=>"2862", "controller"=>"issues"}
Filter chain halted as [:authorize] rendered_or_redirected.
Completed in 18ms (View: 0, DB: 11) | 403 Forbidden []

After some research I discovered that the routes.rb had the line

   map.auto_complete_issues '/issues/auto_complete', :controller => 'auto_completes', :action => 'issues'

changed into:
   map.auto_complete_issues '/issues/auto_complete', :controller => 'auto_completes', :action => 'issues', :conditions => { :method => :get }

As I can see in the log, it is clearly a POST. So I removed the condition, and it works again. But have I made now a horrible mistake?


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The autocomplete request should trigger a GET:

Processing AutoCompletesController#issues (for at 2012-01-17 11:55:46) [GET]
  Parameters: {"scope"=>"all", "project_id"=>"prctwa", "action"=>"issues", "amp"=>nil, "id"=>"230", "q"=>"ers", "controller"=>"auto_completes"}
Rendering auto_completes/issues
Completed in 31ms (View: 16, DB: 16) | 200 OK [http://xxx/issues/auto_complete?id=230&project_id=prctwa&q=ers&scope=all]

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Cannot reproduce the issue. Please feel free to reopen this issue if you still experience the issue with the latest Redmine.

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