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03:04 Redmine Defect #33521 (Reopened): Use issue path instead of bulk update issues path when using the contex...
Due to r21089, you are no longer able to change the issue status via the context menu. The error is as follows:


16:07 Redmine Feature #35657 (New): Spent time ratio column and filter
I suggest adding a new column and a new filter to the issues list.
The name of the column and the filter is "Spent...
10:18 Redmine Defect #35642: Long text custom field values are not aligned with their labels
Setting the target version to 4.1.5.
09:36 Redmine Feature #15928: Disable email notifications for ticket's updates
"Easy Redmine":https://www.easyredmine.com/ has "Edit without notifications" permission. And a user will see "Don't s...


09:54 Redmine Defect #17039 (Closed): Custom field
Fixed in Redmine 2.6.8 (#20677).
09:06 Redmine Patch #35646 (Closed): Japanese translation update (r21111)
Committed the patch.
09:06 Redmine Revision 21122: Japanese translation update (#35646).
Patch by Go MAEDA.
09:04 Redmine Patch #35646 (Closed): Japanese translation update (r21111)
Translated text_all_migrations_have_been_run....
08:57 Redmine Patch #35110 (Closed): Lithuanian translation update for 4.2-stable
Committed the patch. Thank you for your contribution.
08:57 Redmine Revision 21121: Merged r21119 from trunk to 4.2-stable (#35110).

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