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10:04 Redmine Patch #2746: Send out issue priority in the email notification header
The following patch adds a standard Priority field defined in "RFC 2156":https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc215...
08:53 Redmine Defect #35017: X-Redmine-Issue-Assignee header in email notifications is empty when the assignee ...
Updated the patch. I unified the same code written twice.
04:48 Redmine Feature #32898: PDF thumbnails support on Windows
Setting the target version to 5.0.0.


07:53 Redmine Patch #35031 (Closed): Remove deprecated code that are supposed to be removed in Redmine 5
Committed the patch.
07:52 Redmine Revision 21003: Remove deprecated Project#members_by_role (#35031).
07:51 Redmine Revision 21002: Remove deprecated WikiContent::Version (#35031).
07:30 Redmine Patch #35230 (Closed): Fix typo in ApplicationHelper.html_title comment
Committed the fix. Thank you for your contribution.
07:29 Redmine Revision 21001: Fix typo in ApplicationHelper.html_title comment (#35230).
Patch by keineahnung2345.


11:49 Redmine Patch #35016 (Closed): French translations for two-factor authentication
Committed the patch. Thank you for your contribution.
11:48 Redmine Revision 21000: Merged r20999 from trunk to 4.2-stable (#35016).

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