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extend ability to associate settings based on initial category

Added by Gerry Hawkins over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Much like the selection of a category can link a default assignee I would like to see this extended to allow for the setting of other fields to possible default values.

e.g. I have a tester field of type user. When a new issue of a certain category is created I can currently have it assigned to Bob then I would also like to have the tester field for that item set to Jane as well at creation time.

So in the edit category area there would be an add new association link that would allow me to select a field and then a value from the field.

This would support more than just one extra association.

Having this ability for other fields than just categories would be really cool. e.g. if an issue gets assigned to Bob then allow me conditionally set another field(s) to a value.

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