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Wiki shared across sub-projects

Added by Steen Ole Andersen over 15 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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It would be nice to be able to share a wiki across projects. For instance a Wiki on a parent project, could be "inherited" by the child projects.


inherit-wiki-0.7r1464.patch (689 Bytes) inherit-wiki-0.7r1464.patch Diff for this change against 0.7 (r1464) Lo Shih, 2008-05-27 21:31
inherit-wiki-0.7r1464.patch (815 Bytes) inherit-wiki-0.7r1464.patch Diff for this change against 0.7.x (r1464 through r1472) Lo Shih, 2008-05-27 22:19
Actions #1

Updated by Steen Ole Andersen over 15 years ago

I just came across #1040. A Global Wiki as described there, would also do the trick for me.

Actions #2

Updated by Charles L over 15 years ago

Perhaps this could be handled by, in the wiki module settings for the subprojects, setting "Start page" to be a cross project link.

Currently ":" is an invalid character for the field, but it could possibly be allowed, using the usual syntax for inter-project wiki links - otherprojec:PageName - to go straight to that page when the wiki link is clicked.

Actions #3

Updated by Lo Shih over 15 years ago

This is a hack that I'm playing around to get have children projects be inherited by its parents. This it brute force and doesn't check to make sure that the user is a member of the subproject, nor does it provide an administration setting to turn it off. That said, it seems to work okay including play well with attachments (nice compartmentalization on the part of Redmine). Can't say that I'm breaking anything, but cross-project wiki links from subprojects to their parents wouldn't (and probably shouldn't) work.

Index: app/models/wiki.rb ===================================================================
--- app/models/wiki.rb (revision 1464)
++ app/models/wiki.rb (working copy)
@ -35,6 +35,14 @
title = start_page if title.blank?
title = Wiki.titleize(title)
page = pages.find_by_title(title)
if !page && !(options[:include_subprojects] == false)
+ project.active_children().each do |subproject|
+ subpage =, options)
+ if subpage
+ page = subpage
+ end
+ end
+ end
if !page && !(options[:with_redirect] == false) # search for a redirect
redirect = redirects.find_by_title(title)

Actions #4

Updated by Lo Shih over 15 years ago

Spoke too soon. The last patch had a bug with subprojects that weren't set up with a wiki start page. This patch also does not find wiki pages for 2nd level subprojects (subproject of a subproject) when it's 1st level (ie. parent) has no wiki start page.

Actions #5

Updated by Indrek Juhkam over 13 years ago

What's the status with this? Is this been implemented?

Actions #6

Updated by Aaron Moore over 12 years ago

I would also like to see this as part of Redmine. The latest version now allow for cross project links so I would assume this would be a good candidate to revisit. In fact, since cross project links are allowed, I would even go as far to say it is a bug to now allow the "start page" to be updated to a parent project's wiki page.

However there is still an issue with authorization. If the subproject's wiki links to the parent's wiki, consider these issues:
User 1 has access to parent and sub project - should see wiki
User 2 has accsss to parent project only - should see wiki
User 3 has access to sub project only - should he or should he not be allowed to see the wiki?


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