Feature #13294

More powerful includes

Added by Miodrag Milic over 9 years ago.

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Lets say I have project Standards which holds some reusables, like typical sidebars.

If on project X's sidebar I write

{{include(Standards: Sidebar-Common)}}

and if Sidebar-Common itself contains reference to some other macros like:


I will nto get desired result (it will list child pages of its parent in Standards project, rather then that of the project X).

Another example, I have plugin that allows me to have Header, Footer and Stylesheet meta-pages just like Sidebar. If I have wiki page [[Standards: Header-Common]] which holds for example

{{lastupdated_at}}:  {{lastupdated_by}}

and then reference that page from project X's Header as {{include( Standards:Header-Common)}} I will get who update page in project Standards, rather then project X.

One possible solution would be to implement another directive, such as include_recursive that will allow macros to reference the calling page, rather then the parent page.

So, this feature allows for propagation of changes to multiple projects that follow some pattern from single project.

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