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11:55 Redmine Defect #37958 (Closed): Groups added to watchers are not shown as links
After #4511 (v4.2.0), its possible to add Redmine groups as watchers on issues.
Users are shown as links, and gro...
11:48 Redmine Feature #4511: Allow adding user groups as watchers for issues
There seems to be a bug in this feature - groups added as watchers are shown as text, not as links (like in Overview ...


15:20 Redmine Feature #36162: Add notification reason to the email instead of the default static email footer
Why not adding MENTIONED reason now?


21:11 Redmine Help: RE: Create issue via API using json is working?
It works. You probably didn't set ContentType to 'application/json'


14:03 Redmine Help: RE: Hide public projects for specific roles
@Fabio Peruzzo
Is the plugin available publicly ?


15:52 Redmine Feature #13919: Mention user on issues and wiki pages using @user with autocomplete
Can't wait for this one! Thx guys, you are awesome.


23:16 Redmine Patch #31505: Mark edited journal notes as "Edited"
Its typical also to show number of edits if that is possible.
23:15 Redmine Feature #29285: Add "Assign to me" shortcut to issue edit form
> I would prefer "Assign to me" as button outside of edit mode.
This seems like much better solution IMO.
23:13 Redmine Feature #33692: Improved view of the activity page
I like the lines. Its important to know when day ends, such 'distraction' has merit.
23:09 Redmine Feature #33071: Prevent accidental deletion of contents with sudo mode
I support Go Maeda in this.
This happens so frequently (even to those like me that use Redmine daily for decade, d...

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