Defect #14053

Tracker Order Bug - Tracker without workflow for a Role eclipses any Tracker below it on the Tracker List

Added by Nathanael Hansen over 9 years ago.

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Category:Issues workflow
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Resolution: Affected version:2.2.2


User's role allows "Add Issues"
Role has a functioning workflow in tracker "B"
Role does not have a workflow in tracker "A" (do not want them adding issues here)
Ordering of the Trackers in the Admin Trackers screen is "A" then "B"

When the user attempts to create a New issue, they just get a submission screen without any fields visible/available - so cannot create the issue.

If you switch the order of the trackers in the Admin screen, so it becomes "B" then "A", the user is able to create an issue as desired.

This workaround was fine until we had multiple groups of users that needed to add items to one tracker but not the others.

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