Feature #1687

Ability to quote a patch in a comment

Added by Frédéric Moulins over 14 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2008-07-27
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Use case :
  1. Someone posts a patch.
  2. Someone else :
    1. reads the issue.
    2. views the attached file using the diff viewer.
    3. clicks on a link "quote for comment".
    4. selects relevant lines and comments it.

This ability helps the patch reviewing process.

If possible, there should be one check box per patch hunk and a link or button (or two : top, bottom) to quote selected hunks.

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#1 Updated by Carl Nygard over 14 years ago

There is a project called codestriker that provides these capabilities. It is a separate system, but it integrates with most SCM systems. I've used it and it's pretty decent.

Perhaps you can integrate something already written instead of re-inventing the wheel.

#2 Updated by Daniel Netzer over 14 years ago

Yes, something like "codestriker-functionality" to comment "source" would be cool. I´d like to see this for patches as well as for normal commits/revisions as described in #1339

#3 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 years ago

  • Target version deleted (0.9.0)

#4 Updated by Benjamin Schunn about 6 years ago

functionality of another tool, so I think this could be closed.

#5 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 6 years ago

#6 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 6 years ago

Benjamin Schunn wrote:

functionality of another tool

"views the attached file" is Redmine core feature.

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