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05:59 Redmine Patch #10869: Add Full PDF output to issue summary list
What exactly is missing in issue details? Perhaps you should file a separate bug. This patch only reorganizes the e...


04:45 Redmine Patch #10869 (New): Add Full PDF output to issue summary list
The PDF output is very useful for providing information to outside stakeholders without requiring access to Redmine i...


21:21 Redmine Open discussion: Looking for plugin to export multiple issues to pdf with full comment history
Looking for a plugin or feature that will allow the export to PDF feature to show the bug description and full commen...


21:07 Redmine Plugins: RE: Programmers WANTED: Hiring people for new plugins
I'd be interested.
--carl cjnygard @t gmail d.t com


22:40 Redmine Feature #2182: Weighted version completion percentage

I've seen this issue crop up on the discussion boards and it's always bothered me. I just now figured out why.


18:31 Redmine Feature #1709 (Closed): editing original issue submission
It was once possible to edit the original issue submission text, in case of error or mis-spelling etc. When the edit...


18:40 Redmine Feature #1694: eMail reminder on ticket overdue
Please see #1112. It already does what you want.
16:27 Redmine Feature #1690: Calendar cross-project including Roadmap activity
Check #1043, I think this does what you want.
16:26 Redmine Feature #1043: "My Calendar" page to show assigned items (patch incl)
Sorry, didn't notice the comment.
Yes, GPL is ok. Publish the plugin is ok. Just give proper credit for the work.
16:22 Redmine Feature #1687: Ability to quote a patch in a comment
There is a project called "codestriker": that provides these capabilities. It is ...

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