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Wiki Formatting within a Word

Added by Karl Heinz Marbaise over 12 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I have figured out that if you use the bold markers within the wiki it is not possible to have multiple markers within a single word *This*Must*Be*Bold. So the result of the previous should be that the "This"-Part is bold and the "Be"-Part too.
Observed this by an test conversion from trac to Redmine.
I'm working with
  • Redmine revision 1900 (from trunk) (development).
  • ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-08 patchlevel 286) [i686-linux]
  • mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.18, for suse-linux (i686)
  • RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '2.1.1' unless defined? RAILS_GEM_VERSION


#1 Updated by Kenneth Hoxworth over 12 years ago

This is an issue with textile (the formatting used by Redmine) and not with Redmine itself. Textile's specs itself do not allow the syntax that you used as an example; see as a resource for Textile syntax.

It does, however, look like Redcloth (the Textile engine Redmine uses) doesn't support the "pure HTML" syntax, e.g.:

no <b>textile</b>

This might be something to bring up with the Redcloth team.

#2 Updated by Kenneth Hoxworth over 12 years ago

I take that last part back - the Redcloth version included definitely supports the double equal sign syntax (which got munged above), but Redmine might not allow direct HTML.

I'm going to shut up now before I make any more incorrect assertions.

#3 Updated by Karl Heinz Marbaise over 12 years ago

That means, the trac-redmine conversion produces a little problem, based on formatting information for particular text (bold).
On the other hand the help text in the description of the Help text might be incorrect too ? May be I'm wrong..

#4 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 12 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Resolution set to Wont fix

Wiki Formatting within a Word is not (and won't be) supported. Texile doesn't support this.

#5 Updated by Karel Pičman over 5 years ago

According to

Textile 2.0, included in Textpattern 4.0.4 and higher, allows the following syntax:

A[*bold*]word -> “Aboldword”.

So Textile has got support of such a syntax.

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