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Enhancement of gantt chart - consider estimated effort if no due date is set

Added by Sascha Herrmann about 7 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Dear all,

I have a feature request for the gantt charting facility. Since I am very used to the agile story concept, I am going to write my request as a user story:


As a user of the redmine software
I would like the gantt charting facility to consider the (remaining) effort estimated as a duration of an issue (if no due date is given)
so that I can use the gantt charting facility to estimate the expected end date of my project.

Business reason

We are thinking very agile. So we do not commit to deadlines, but instead continuously estimate the end date of our projects. Redmine's gantt chart works very fine if you connect issues and set due dates. But if you only set "Estimated time" instead of due dates, then the gantt charts treat every issue as a one day task. So setting due dates would be necessary, to maximize the value of the gantt chart. Unfortunately, if you have a very agile project, with lots of new task coming in frequently, you would have to maintain these due dates continuously. This is cumbersome work, and does not create any value.
Therefore we would highly appreciate, if the gantt chart would consider the (remaining) estimated time instead, allowing us not to maintain due dates manually as a must.

Acceptance criteria

  1. It is possible to set a "maximum workload per day" in hours, which gives an indication of how much estimated time of issues can be done on one working day
    1. the feasible domain of "maximum workload per day" is (0,Inf) hours (consider teams, which can get more than 8h a day done)
    2. "maximum workload per day" can be maintained in the administration of the project
    3. "maximum workload per day" can be different per project
  2. If no due date for an issue is set, then
    1. the remaining estimated (work) time can be calculated as estimated time minus effort spent (or zero if already negative)
    2. the (implicit) due date for this issue can be estimated as today plus the remaining estimated (work) time divided by maximum workload per day
    3. the gantt charting facility considers the (implicit) due date for generating the gantt charts for these issues instead.

I would highly appreciate if you would consider this feature request for the future of redmine. Furthermore I appreciate any feedback on my feature request.

Thanks for building a great software.

Best regards,
Sascha Herrmann

redmine-gantt-chart.png - Screenshot of current status quo (29.1 KB) Sascha Herrmann, 2015-07-16 08:56

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#1 Updated by Mikkel Bonde about 7 years ago

Very much +1

Actually a minimum viable product of this could easily be that the gannt chart could just calculate the start_date depending on the issue it's preceding and then the end_date to be calculated by that date + the time_estimated.

That would at least solve it for us.

#2 Updated by Yohann Bricard about 7 years ago

Management of the dependencies is a very important topic for our project management team.
Automated display of the dependencies in schedule (Gant view) would allow qui efficient management workload gain - no more need to update all dates, only the end date of the driving task.

#3 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

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#4 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

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#5 Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

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#6 Updated by Gustavo Regal about 6 years ago


#7 Updated by Björn Schorre about 3 years ago

Is this feature already available? We are still using redmine version 2.x. We are discussing of an update...

#8 Updated by Illya Sukhanov over 1 year ago

Who knows whether this feature is already available? We're on 3.3.6.stable and looking to optimize some of the processes, so this feature would be a very handy tool.

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