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Single project setup

Added by Brad Schick almost 14 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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When Redmine is installed and used with just a single project, there are currently extra unnecessary steps needed to get to that project.

It would be nice if Redmine had customizable settings that would make it work very much like the install at http://www.redmine.org works: "Home" in the top left corner navigates to a configurable project tab (like Wiki) and there is no "Jump to a project" drop down list on the right side next to the search box. The "Projects" link at the top left could go away as well.

I believe single projects are a fairly common Redmine configuration, and currently the only way to improve the navigation is to tweak Redmine's source.

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#1 Updated by Jeff Dombach almost 14 years ago

I would like to suggest that if the project table only contains one entry then the multiple project UI items listed above would be disabled.

#2 Updated by Brad Schick almost 14 years ago

Yes, that is the idea. Although it may be better to have an option to hide multiproject UI elements rather than making it automatic. Since you may want those elements shown even with a single project (like if you plan to add more soon and don't want to UI changing). Or you may even want to hide those UI element's when there are multiple projects. For example, if you have several unrelated projects that share common users (that one is more of a stretch).

Along with adding a setting to specify the "home page", I think that's all that would be needed for this feature.

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Any update? This would be very useful!!

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