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Filter atom feeds - not see/read your own changes

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I am using the FF extension called Brief.
At least this app cannot filter feeds own its own.
If there is such an app out there, recommendations would be welcome.

That said it probably should be offered by Redmine itself.

While it is fine to see all changes in the various views throughout
the Redmine site, to see all your own changes in the feed is somewhat
annoying. It is duplicate info for yourself and the stream of 'tickets'
may be quite high. Instead it would be very welcome if every new item
would be truly "new" and "interesting" for yourself.

Offer a second atom/rss feed each time. The second is an user specific
that does not show items of the user being the actor.

UI wise not sure how to integrate best. Essentially an atom feed should
be available on the site it resembles. In this case an alternative
would be to have tab on the user page that list all feeds of the site
with the users additions filtered.

Thanks for the consideration!


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Basically the same feature as:

I don't want to be notified of changes that I make myself

for 'Email notifications'

Also available in: Atom PDF