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Receiving E-Mails via IMAP strips attached emails if "truncate after these lines is configured"

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We have configured our redmine to receive tickets via e-mail (IMAP). If an e-mail with a NEW ticket has an attachment like an image (inline OR attached) a ticket is created with the attached file within the ticket.

But, when someone responds to the ticket via e-mail and the ticket has an attachmend the following hapens:

- if the attachment (image) is inline and above the marker text we defined under "Incoming emails" > "Truncate emails after one of these lines" it will be attached to the comment of the ticket. This is a correct behavior.

- if the attachment (image) is inline and below the marker text it is truncated and not included in the comment of the ticket. This is a correct behavior.


- if the attachment is not inline (real email attachment) it will be truncated, if the e-mail content contains the words defined under "Truncate emails after one of these lines". I think this is not a correct or wanted behavior.


Config > Incoming emails > Truncate emails after one of these lines:
-- please answer above this line --

Resoponse E-Mail to Redmine contains the following text:

Please correct the arrow as seen in the picture.

-- please answer above this line --
[... old ticket content ...]

-> image.png attached to the email

=> the comment will be added to the ticket, but without the image.

I think, that the image is integrated at the end of the email by the email client or email protocoll. Redmine truncates everything after the defined text. As the image follows at the end it will also be truncated.

Is it possible to set the receiving email function in a way that it recognizes attachments even if the mail is truncated?

Perhaps this is also the problem of tickets: #5594 and #8093


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is there a plan to fix this issue?


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