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Redmine reference with version info

Added by Sho HASHIMOTO about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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I was generated Redmine reference with version infomation. See below.

This was generated by only executing `$ bundle exec rake yard`. We can see codes here .

  1. Add new yard template
  2. Add redmine version info
    1. git checkout <ver>
    2. yard doc --no-output && mv .yardoc .yardoc.<ver> # generate only .yardoc
    3. Repeat 1. and 2. with all tag
    4. yard diff .yardoc.<ver1> .yardoc.<ver2>
    5. Repeat 4. with all tag
    6. Reform all 4. and 5. result to redmine_changes.yml
  3. Fix yard rake task to use a new template

I want to publish either of the following to maintenance redmine plugins easily.

  • redmine.github.io/redmine/<ver>/ # need to create gh-pages branch on Github mirror
  • yardoc.redmine.jp/Redmine/<ver>/ # need to talk with @g_maeda san?

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#1 Updated by Sho HASHIMOTO about 4 years ago

#28996 is related with this ticket.

#2 Updated by Sho HASHIMOTO about 4 years ago

We can see codes here.

Maybe, version info should be belongs to generator only to generate past version.
I will create redmine plugin to overwrite rake yard task(in lib/tasks/yardoc.rake) and maintain it if this suggestion will be accept.

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