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Archive Projects

Added by Jeffrey Jones about 15 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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Allow an administrator the option to "Archive" projects. Any projects with an "Archive" flag will
not appear in the main application. Issues belonging to that project and any sub-projects should not appear in
the application either.


#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 15 years ago

Committed in rev 549.

  • Only administrators can archive/unarchive projects.
  • Once archived, the project is visible on the admin project
    listing only. It doesn't show up anywhere else in the app. Subprojects
    are also archived.
  • Archive/unarchive preserve everything on the project (issues,
    members, ...).
  • A subproject can not be unarchived if its parent project is

#2 Updated by Jeffrey Jones about 15 years ago

For the purposes of my company we would want the following.

The archived projects would still be visible on the Admin
"Project listing" screen, just not on the standard

All sub-projects for an archived project would also be
archived. Any issues assigned to these projects or
sub-projects would disappear from the various parts of the
system (calendar, issues assigned in the 'my' pages etc).

There wouldn't be any status update to these issues, they
would just disappear. Should the project be unarchived then
all the issues would re-appear in the same state they were
last left in.

#3 Updated by Damien McKenna about 15 years ago

I should have noticed this one when I submitted #10825, basically
the same feature.

Where would you like the archived projects to be listed? Would
it automatically archive sub-projects that may have previously
been open? What would happen to open tasks in these projects,
would they be marked with a different status (e.g. "archived
before completion").

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