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08:02 Redmine Feature #313: Default end date
I closed this issue because a) I raised it but am no
longer in a position to test any fixes and b) a perceived
Jeffrey Jones


10:40 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
Heh, I will soon be leaving the company I am currently employed at and unfortunately the main drive to install redMin... Jeffrey Jones


06:57 Redmine Feature #321: Archive Projects
For the purposes of my company we would want the following.
The archived projects would still be visible on the Ad...
Jeffrey Jones


06:53 Redmine Feature #331: Allow to insert a screen shot easily
This sounds like a job for a Firefox extension (For the reporting
site of things).
Having said that nothing breaks ...
Jeffrey Jones


12:13 Redmine Feature #332 (Closed): Remember filters in issue listing.
If I create a filter in the issue listing page it would be very handy to have redMine remember that until I explicite... Jeffrey Jones


10:31 Redmine Feature #321 (Closed): Archive Projects
Allow an administrator the option to "Archive" projects. Any projects with an "Archive" flag will
not appear in the m...
Jeffrey Jones


07:15 Redmine Feature #319 (Closed): Allow file upload in comment and add to issue history
Allow the user to upload a file as part of a comment when changing status.
Also add the fact a file was uploaded t...
Jeffrey Jones


19:24 Redmine Feature #316: show assigned_to instead of author in the issues list
Yes! I have already made the change (although I added the assigned
to rather than replaced the author) in my local co...
Jeffrey Jones
06:35 Redmine Feature #315 (Closed): Allow user to "change" issue status to the same status.
We will be using the "Assigned" status quite a lot.
A typical progression could be
Issue raised, assigned to P...
Jeffrey Jones


11:03 Redmine Feature #313 (Closed): Default end date
(Maybe have this as an optional setting somewhere as it may not be for everyone)
When a user raises an issue, if t...
Jeffrey Jones

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