Defect #32838

Typo in application.css: s/paddin-bottom/padding-bottom/

Added by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Target version:4.1.1
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This patch fixes r18887.

diff --git a/public/stylesheets/application.css b/public/stylesheets/application.css
index 3e0df1ee5..4546f932b 100644
--- a/public/stylesheets/application.css
+++ b/public/stylesheets/application.css
@@ -554,7 +554,7 @@ fieldset#filters td.values select {min-width:130px;}
 #issue_is_private_wrap {float:right; margin-right:1em;}
 .toggle-multiselect { margin-right:5px; cursor:pointer;}
 .buttons { font-size: 0.9em; margin-bottom: 1.4em; margin-top: 1em; }
-.buttons .icon {paddin-bottom:3px; padding-top:1px;}
+.buttons .icon {padding-bottom:3px; padding-top:1px;}

 div#issue-changesets {float:right; width:45%; margin-left: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em; background: #fff; padding-left: 1em; font-size: 90%;}
 div#issue-changesets div.changeset { padding: 4px;}

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Revision 19443
Added by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago

Fix the wrong property name in application.css (#32838).

Patch by Go MAEDA.

Revision 19444
Added by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago

Merged r19443 from trunk to 4.1-stable (#32838).


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Committed the fix.

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