Feature #33073

Macro argument escaping/quoting mechanism

Added by Martin Cizek over 2 years ago.

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Currently there is no way to enter a macro argument including e.g. comma (,), which is always treated as an argument separator - see source:trunk/lib/redmine/wiki_formatting/macros.rb#L41. This effectively prevents using e.g. the thumbnail macro for some images when renaming attachments is not an option. We'll be happy to submit a patch once there is some agreement on how to approach this.

  • Allow double quotes for argument value delimiting.
  • No quotes = old behavior.
  • Special characters within quotes can be encoded as HTML entities (similarly to name="value" HTML element attributes).

Makes sense?

  • ! turns off Redmine-interpreted text formatting constructs - but probably not suitable within the constructs.
  • Text formatting docs say e.g. double quotes can be used when version name contains spaces
  • Users tend to use double quotes anyway, e.g. {{thumbnail(foo.jpg, title="Foo Bar")}} and they hardly realize that the quotes actually become part of the argument value.
  • When I have a version called My "Version", I can refer to it as version:"My "Version"" within Textile. Does not work with Markdown though.

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