Feature #33308

Implement grouping by date (e.g start, due, creation, update, closing dates) for year and month/year

Added by Alexander Meindl over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Date fields in queries should be groupable with year/month only - without day.

Implementation could be the same way as with TimestampQueryColumn. We could use DateQueryColumn.

The result should be (example data):

- 23/5/2019
- 24/5/2019
- 23/3/2019

for month/year:

  • 5/2019
    • 23/5/2019
    • 24/5/2019
  • 3/2019
    • 23/3/2019
for year:
  • 2019
    • 23/5/2019
    • 24/5/2019
    • 23/3/2019

This would require, that three options for one date exist:

  • Due date
  • Due date (Month/Year)
  • Due date (Year)


  • Start date
  • Start date (Month/Year)
  • Start date (Year)


What do you think about this idea?


#1 Updated by Alexander Meindl over 2 years ago

I used a wrong subject (copy of #13803). Creation, update, and closing dates does not fit, because it is Datetime. But this would be another interesting feature, to use month/year and year grouping not only for Date but Datetime fields.

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